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Our latest issue, vol 6, no 1, is now available.

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Culture & International History VII: Uncertain Boundaries in International History
12–14 December 2024, Berlin

The World and Europe: Diplomatic Transfers, Networks, Representations and Practices
Sixth Conference of the New Diplomatic History Network
22–24 May 2025, Aix-en-Provence
Deadline for proposals: 1 October 2024

Mattingly Prize Winner Announced

Every year Brill, the editorial board of Diplomatica, and the New Diplomatic History Network award a prize for an article of excellence and originality on the subject of diplomatic society or culture, broadly defined. 

The recipient of the prize for Volume 5 (2023) is Gert Huskens for the article ‘In the Shadow of Ancient Thebes. Belgian Consular Representation in Luxor and Local Elites, 1860 and 1937’. This is an original study which elegantly reshapes the existing narratives by highlighting how the diplomacy in Egypt during the long nineteenth century was not solely crafted by Western career diplomats but involved powerful local families acting as Belgian consular representatives. In so doing, it deftly uses an eclectic range of sources to draw a picture of these understudied figures, their place in Egyptian society, the range of activities and services they undertook, and how the scope of their duties changed over time. The well-written article weaves in the complex positionality of the local actors as diplomatic actors in their local milieu which had become a place of global archaeological attention. It introduces a fresh perspective by exploring how these local consular agents influenced diplomatic life in Egypt, adding depth to the understanding of diplomatic dynamics during that period.

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The complete series of Professor Jeremy Black’s podcasts about geopolitics may be found here.

Some Recent Articles of Note

The most recent issue of Federal History (April 2024) features several essays about consulates.
Ayşe Başaran, ‘Books for the Sultan: European Authors and Book Diplomacy in the Ottoman Court in the Mid-19th Century’, Quaerendo, March 2024.
Ágnes Maléth, ‘“Pro arduis negociis destinandum” – Papal Delegates and the Neapolitan Succession (1328–1352)’, Hungarian Historical Review, Winter 2024.
Joachim Östlund, ‘Ny diplomatihistoria: Historisk bakgrund och nordisk framtid’, Scandia, Winter 2024.
Francesco Storti, Isabella Lazzarini, Malika Dekkiche, Imma Petito, and Gianluca Falcucci. CESURA Rivista 2/2 (2023) has several articles about the New Diplomatic History.
Sven Sterken and Dennis Pohl, ‘The Architecture of Global Governance: Paths of Approach’, Architectural Theory Review, September 2023.
Yiqing Li, ‘Art Diplomacy: Drawing China-Indonesia Relations in the Early Cold War, 1949–1956’, Modern Asian Studies, August 2023.
Andreas Greiner, ‘The “Dope Ring Diplomat”: Privileged Mobility, International Intelligence, and the True Crime Press in the Interwar Period’, Bulletin of the German Historical Institute, Fall 2022.
Mayte Green-Mercado, ‘Prophecy as Diplomacy in the Fifteenth-Century Mediterranean’, New Global Studies, July 2022.
David Scott Gehring, ‘Intelligence Gathering, Relazioni, and the Ars Apodemica’, Diplomacy & Statecraft, June 2022.

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