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Call for Papers

A World of Realms: A Long View of Diplomacy and Spatiality in the Premodern Islamic World. University of Antwerp – Belgium, May 20-21, 2021. Keynote speaker: Sanjay Subrahmanyam (UCLA/Collège de France)

Power in History: Centre for Political History invites papers that inquire into the spatial dimensions of diplomacy and their relation to conceptions of territoriality in the larger Islamic world, from the 7th to the early 19th century, as part of a two-day interdisciplinary workshop held at the University of Antwerp and hosted by the History Department on May 20-21, 2021. Deadline for abstracts: August 15, 2020. More info. in our calls for papers.

New Podcasts

Three new podcasts are now available: the first, with Rósa Magnúsdóttir from Aarhus University, on the cultural Cold War; the second, with Jeremy Black, from the University of Exeter, on histories of diplomacy and foreign policy; and the third with Johan Galtung, on diplomacy, civilisation, and peace. All three recordings may be found on our podcasts page.

Mattingly Prize Winner

Every year Brill, the editorial board of Diplomatica, and the New Diplomatic History Network award an annual prize for an article of excellence and originality on the subject of diplomatic society or culture, broadly defined. The first recipient of the Mattingly Prize is Sam de Schutter for his article in Volume 1, Issue 2: ‘A Global Approach to Local Problems? How to Write a Longer, Deeper, and Wider History of the International Year of Disabled Persons in Kenya’. Mr. de Schutter is a PhD candidate at Leiden University, where his research is part of the ERC project ‘Rethinking Disability: The Global Impact of the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981) in Historical Perspective’. An interview with the winner may be read here.

Some Recent Articles of Note

John Krige, ‘Technodiplomacy: A Concept and Its Application to U.S.-France Nuclear Weapons Cooperation in the Nixon-Kissinger Era’ Federal History Issue 12, 2020.

T. G. Otte, ‘The Inner Circle: What is Diplomatic History? (And Why We Should Study It)’ History January 2020 reviewed by Ken Weisbrode, here:

Gemma Allen, ‘The Rise of the Ambassadress: English Ambassadorial Wives and Early Modern Diplomatic Culture’, The Historical Journal September 2019

Barbara Keys, ‘The Diplomat’s Two Minds: Deconstructing a Foreign Policy Myth’, Diplomatic History November 2019

David E. Banks, ‘Fields of Practice: Symbolic Binding and the Qing Defense of Sinocentric Diplomacy’, International Studies Quarterly July 2019

Deepak Nair, ‘Saving Face in Diplomacy: A Political Sociology of Face-to-Face Interactions in ASEAN’, European Journal of International Relations January 2019.


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