NDH features a number of podcasts hosted by Haakon Ikonomou at this link: https://open.spotify.com/show/2iqz0UnhURj2QKmzKIUkmp

Podcasts include:

John Watkins on After Lavinia (11.2018)

James Crossland on War, Law, and Humanity (6.2019)

Giles Scott-Smith on diplomacy in populist times (9.2019)

Giles Scott-Smith on diplomacy and Brexit (9.2019)

Rósa Magnúsdóttir on Enemy Number One (2.2020)

Jeremy Black on A History of Diplomacy (5.2020)

Johan Galtung on diplomacy, civilisation, and peace (6.2020)

Victoria Phillips on dance and diplomacy (12.2020)

Glenda Sluga on internationalism (1.2021)

Norbert Gotz on diplomatic semiotics (1.2021)

Daniel Hucker on public opinion (1.2021)

Jeremy Black on the Second World War (1.2021)

Parama Sinha Palit on Chinese soft power (1.2021)

Patrick Cohrs on the long twentieth century (4.2021)

Erica Heinsen-Roach on Dutch diplomacy in the Mediterranean (5.2021)

Charles Prior on Native-American treaties (10.2021)

Vincent Dubé-Senécal on fashion diplomacy (11.2021)

Carla Konta on US public diplomacy in Yugoslavia (12.2021)

Maartje Abbenhuis and Ismee Tames on the global First World War (2.2022)

Laura Almagor on the Jewish Territorialist Movement (5.2022)

Blanche Wiesen Cook and Samuel Zipp on interwar isms (5.2022)

Susanna Erlandsson on the ‘domestic’ lives of diplomats (6.2022)

Patrick Cohrs and Michael Jonas on small states (10.2022)

Malcolm Langford on Nordic jurists (10.2022)

Jan Stöckmann on the study of international relations (10.2022)

Christine Philliou on political ideas in Turkey in the interwar period (1.2023)

David Murphy on the interwar activism of Lamine Senghor (6.2023)

Ozan Özavci on the Lausanne Project (6.2023)

Sea treaties from Southeast Asia (7.2023)

Ismay Milford, Florian Wagner, and Margot Tudor on coloniality and decolonization (7.2023)

Jeremy Black on geopolitics (the complete series, 2023):

Episode One – What is geopolitics?

Episode Two – The academic origins of geopolitics

Episode Three – Geography and rhetoric in the approach to WW1

Episode Four – Air power in theory and practice

Episode Five – Geopolitics in Nazi Germany and the United States

Episode Six – American geopolitics and the approach to WW2

Episode Seven – Geopolitics in understanding WW2

Episode Eight – how geopolitics evolved after WW2

Episode Nine – how geopolitical thought evolved during the Cold War

Episode Ten – Geopolitics, air power and nuclear brinkmanship

Episode Eleven – Geopolitics and the Domino Effect

Episode Twelve – Ostpolitik and Atlanticism after the Vietnam War

Episode Thirteen – Military and diplomatic strategies in the 1980s

Episode Fourteen – 1990s – the American Decade

Episode Fifteen – Geopolitics with Chinese characteristics

Episode Sixteen – How does geopolitics help us understand current times?