Diplomacy situated: settings, personas, practices. Fifth Conference of the New Diplomatic History Network.

University of Turku, Finland, 25th-27th May 2023

The conference agenda may be seen here: https://sites.utu.fi/ndh/


The 5th conference of the network for New Diplomatic History, scheduled for the spring of 2023 at the University of Turku, will mark the 10th anniversary of the inaugural NDH conference held at Leiden in 2013 (https://newdiplomatichistory.org). This event will be dedicated to the study of ‘situated diplomacy’. We will consider the settings in which and through which diplomacy has been incarnated throughout history, involving sites (real, virtual, fictional), practices, and personas. Each meeting organised by the network has demonstrated the rich breadth and depth of the study of diplomacy across disciplines and periodisations, and NDH5Turku2023 aims to continue this trend.

The theme chosen for this conference will gather research dealing with diplomacy as a rooted, situated activity. Diplomacy and diplomats operate in places, such as embassies to ministries, but also in social and cultural milieus, in traditions, in social norms and legal rules. They develop practices that form the organizational principles of their fluid activities. These elements form a stage-setting that plays an important part in the diplomatic process. Participants to the conference are asked to consider these elements, their role in diplomacy, their evolution, and the state of research today. These elements will be explored further by three keynote presentations.

The goal of this 5th conference will also be to continue the efforts of previous meetings to broaden the scope of new diplomatic history. It welcomes global perspectives originating from outside the Euro-American sphere, to explore the inter-cultural dimensions of diplomatic contacts across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and how diplomatic norms have been adapted to context-specific settings and practices.

The conference will feature papers on the following subjects:

. Diplomatic places and sites, diplomatic architecture

. Situated diplomatic norms and practices

. Fictional, virtual diplomatic settings

. Diplomatic and para-diplomatic personnel

. Evolutions and functioning of diplomatic institutions

. Diaspora diplomacy

. Consular networks

. Diplomatic corps and diplomatic milieus

These are meant as broad categories, and the conference will be opened to a variety of approaches.

The conference will also welcome a round table of diplomatic protagonists organized in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and dealing with the diplomacy of small states. It will conclude with a seminar on the network’s journal, Diplomatica, and another one on publishing opportunities for studies in diplomacy – including publishing opportunities in other languages than English.

The conference will be organised on site, but using a hybrid format. The goal is to have as many participants as possible on site, but presenters will also be able to participate remotely, using the technical possibilities offered by the University of Turku.

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