October 19, 2017

Diplomats and Designers

by Ian Klaus

‘Diplomats and designers are key to solving climate change. Here’s how they think we can do it. […]’


October 14, 2017

Marshall Plan Days

by James Lowenstein

James Lowenstein, an American diplomat, is one of the few surviving Americans who worked for the Economic Recovery Program, or the Marshall Plan. […]


Aug 6, 2017

History of the Limited Test Ban Treaty: The Role of ACDA

by James Goodby

An interesting first-hand account by retired U.S. ambassador James E. Goodby of the origins and role of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in shepherding the Limited Test Ban Treaty may be found on the Hoover Institution’s website, here. […]


Jun 18, 2016

Art Diplomacy and Museum Diplomacy: Could Islamic Art Inspire Middle East Peace?

US Ambassador Samantha Power Takes Diplomats on a Tour of the Met

by Pamela Falk

Visitors from around the world flock to the Met to view art history’s great masterpieces and attend fashionable galas, but to negotiate international relations is surely a first. New York’s premier museum recently became the unlikely venue for a high-security, invite-only meeting organized by Samantha Power, President Barack Obama’s envoy to the United Nations. Mixing business with pleasure, the U.S. ambassador invited key international diplomats to tour the museum’s newest exhibition of Islamic art. […]


Jun 11, 2016

Habitat III and Mrs. Dalloway

by Ian Klaus

An interesting recent article about the UN’s Habitat III global summit and the confluence of old and new diplomacy Habitat III impasse resolved with Mexico, Philippines to lead talks Still, observers increasingly worried about time lost for New Urban Agenda negotiations.


Sep 26, 2015


by Audra Wolfe

An interesting look at the diplomatic role played by some scientists.


Aug 20, 2014

“Attention Deficit Diplomacy” Revisited

by Chas Freeman

How Diplomacy Fails: Remarks to the Hammer Forum Review of the Diplomatic Lessons of 1914 for 2014. An address by Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.). The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles California, 19 August 2014.