The State of Diplomacy

Two recent posts are worth a read/listen:

“Why Ambassadors Still Matter”: a podcast offering an historical perspective on the state of diplomatic representation today.

“Chinese Experts Challenge Western Generalists in Diplomacy”: an article about the growth of regional expertise among Chinese diplomats.


Call for Papers: The Affective Glue of European Integration: The role of transnational political, religious, and economic networks and their shared emotional vocabulary in shaping European integration (1930-’57)

Utrecht University 8-9 April 2019


Interview with Prof. John Watkins

Following his keynote at the NDH3 conference, John Watkins was interviewed about his last book, After Lavinia: A Literary History of Premodern Marriage Diplomacy, which appeared with Cornell University Press in 2017.


History of International Conferences

The Royal Geographical Society is sponsoring the upcoming conference on the history of interwar, international conferences, in London from 18 to 19 December. The full conference schedule is now available and may be seen here: Conferencing the International Programme


​City Diplomacy

The Urban 20, a group of mayors from the G20 nations has just completed its first summit of mayors in Buenos Aires. A summary of the meeting, by its diplomatic adviser and former US State Department official, Ian Klaus, may be read here:


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