Our Third Conference

The schedule of presentations for our third conference to be held at Middelburg from 24 to 26 October may be seen here.


Call for Papers: Exposing Secrets: The Past, Present and Future of U.S. National Security

Whistleblowing and Government Secrecy: An Interdisciplinary Conference involving Scholars, Journalists, Whistleblowers, and Advocates

17-18 January 2019
New York University London Campus, 6 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London, UK

Edward Snowden and National Security Agency mass surveillance; Reality Winner and Russian interference in U.S. elections; James Comey and Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice. National security whistleblowing continues to shape history and stir controversy in and beyond the U.S. Drawing on political, legal, journalistic and cultural perspectives, this international, public conference will explore several topics []


Call for Papers: Culture & International History VI: Visions of Humanity

6 – 8 May 2019 John F. Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität Berlin

The conference Culture and International History VI will take place from the 6th through the 8th of May, 2019 in Berlin. Siep Stuurman (Universiteit Utrecht), author of The Invention of Humanity: Equality and Cultural Difference in World History (Harvard UP, 2017), will deliver the keynote speech. The conference marks the 20th anniversary of the symposium cycle that began in 1999 and has since taken place in Wittenberg, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Berlin. Key themes and contributions have been published in Berghahn Books’ series Explorations in Culture and International History (Oxford, New York, since 2003) []


Resources for US Diplomacy

The Office of the Historian of the US State Department has added a useful new resource to its website: an administrative timeline of the US State Department since 1789. The history of the Department and its personnel are also featured in two new books, the latter already a bestseller:

America’s Other Army, by Nicholas Kralev

War on Peace, by Ronan Farrow

Also, a recent essay about America’s ‘Russia Hands’ in the New York Times provides a miniature model of the kind of institutional and biographical study we promote as New Diplomatic History.


Olivier Roy on Diplomacy

A newly translated book of interviews by the French philosopher and writer Olivier Roy contains this gem of a summary of the diplomatic mind and method.


It is our pleasure to announce an upgrade of our website thanks to friends at the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies and Leiden University who have redesigned the site and now provide us with an operational base. We are grateful to our former sponsor and host, the Toynbee Prize Foundation and the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, for their help during the past five years. Please have a look at the new site and share your thoughts. Those who wish to contribute to the forum and to the list of publications should feel free to inform us at any time by writing to newdiplo [at] gmail [dot] com.